The main objective of AMAC Europa is to develop and provide technological services of mobile survey of different elements of the transport infrastructure system (mainly traffic signs, pavement markings and street lighting among others) in order to optimize the activities and costs planning of those elements maintenance. Our constant innovation vocation allows us to adapt our technological solutions to the variety of technical specifications that are needed to be faced in every project.

The latest technologies developed by AMAC Europa allows to perform an accurate and repetitive measurement of different assets of the road infrastructure transport system. Our multidisciplinary R&D team incorporates all the required capabilities to adapt our solutions to any requirement that could be specified in a project. In parallel, we develop on a continuous basis process for assuring the quality of the information we submit to our customers as we are aware of its utmost relevance in order to take the appropriate decisions in the maintenance of those elements of the infrastructure that our systems survey.

Our technology cover the whole cycle of measurement and generation of the required information on a survey project. From the hardware to acquire the information as well as the acquisition software to the processing tools necessary to the correct identification and assessment of the assets that are surveyed. Last but not least, we also develop our own visualization tools as well as the integration protocols to incorporate our information into the customer asset management systems.

Our services

Dynamic measurement of pavement markings lines and symbols retroreflectivity, visibility assessment of road studs and inventory of those elements.

Dynamic measurement of retroreflectivity for every colour, sign national code, sign size, sign offset to carriageway, GPS & milestone position and GIS integration.

360 degrees high resolution videos & high accuracy georeferenced road assets inventories (compatible with any GIS platform).

Dynamic evaluation of the street lighting efficiency. Photometric measurements: Illuminance, Luminance, Illuminant, Lamp position geo-tagged inventories.